Water Slides & Wet Inflatable Rentals

Some of these units may need to stay overnight, be re-inflated (by you) the next morning and stay inflated DRY for several hours before we can return to pick them up.  

If you have any concerns about this process PLEASE contact us BEFORE you reserve the rental.


Paradise Falls 24' Slide w/ Slip-N-Slide & Pool


With Slip-n-Slide: 60'L, 24'H, 16'W 

With Pool only: 34'L, 24'H, 16'W

Dry: 27'L, 24'H, 16'W


This GIANT can be rented in four different configurations - making it PERFECT for YOUR party!


Climb up and take a STOMACH CHURNING DROP from either lane!  Splash down in the available Splash Pool, or keep going on the 33 FOOT LONG Slip-N-Slide Lanes!


Non-stop fun for the whole family!  Rent in combination with Pool, or Slip-n-Slide, and make your own water park!


Rents for:

$659 with Slip-N-Slide & Pool

$459 with Pool-only

$369 Dry


Fire N Ice - 20' Slide w/ Pool

Measures 34'L, 17'W, 20'H


Possibly the coolest thing kids have ever seen!  The Fire N Ice inflatable slide comes as a Water Slide, or as a Dry Slide.  At TWO STORIES TALL and with the turn in the sliding lanes, this slide provides infinite fun!


It has TWO LANES, and that can only mean TWICE THE FUN.  As a water slide, it has a mini-pool at the end of the turn, which makes a big SPLASH with anyone who takes the plunge!  This 20 FOOT TALL SLIDE is always the center of attention.


Easily the best backyard Water Slide Rental in Arizona!



Helix 18' Dual Lane w/ Slip-n-Slide & Pool


Measures 26'L, 24'W, 18'H


Our blue and white Helix Water Slide combines the best of everything!


18' Tall - the most popular inflatable water slide height - with TWO lanes, to let the kids choose what they want - and an available Slip-N-Slide entry!


Most party rentals offer a slip and slide lane as the finish to the water slide - but this one lets the kids do the slipping BEFORE they go up the inflatable!


A brilliant design that lets you have everything a kid wants in one single unit.


Rents for $349 without Slip-N-Slide


Extreme Princess Combo w/ Pool


Measures 30'L, 15'W, 15'H

This huge 30' Long unit will give you everything you want! Includes everything for jumping, sliding and climbing.  Even has pop-up obstacles and a basketball hoop! 


The slide has a detachable pool, which makes it possible to be set up sliding directly into your inground pool!!


One of the best Water Inflatable Combos for Rent in Arizona!


Toddler Rainforest Rapids


Measures 16'L, 15'W, 7'H

It's about time that Toddlers and small children get their own inflatable water slide bouncers!


Recommended for kids up to 5 years old, this super fun Rainforest theme unit will be a perfect addition to your summertime party.


The sliding lanes end in an inflated landing area, which minimizes any "deep" water pools like most other inflatables.  Children can safely play, without the worry of being in a pool of water.


Tropical 33' Dual Lane Slip-n-Slide


Measures 33'L, 14'W

Remember when we had to get soapy water and pour it on a plastic runner, then jump and smack our bellies on the ground to slide ten feet down the yard?




THIRTY-THREE FEET OF SLIPPING AND SLIDING, and all on a soft inflatable cushion!  The end of the slip-n-slide has a splash pool - or you can remove it and have the kids go straight into your own inground pool!

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