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We are a family-owned, and family-run business, whose main goal is to provide excellent service to those who are looking to make memories with friends and family of an unforgettable experience.

We promise to meet --and exceed -- your expectations, to assure that you and your guests have the safest possible units, as well as provide clean and sanitary equipment. 

We don't show you low rental prices, then double, or even triple the final amount after adding hidden fees!  Don't be fooled by the other guys, who'll show you an incredibly low rental cost, but then once all is said and done, you'll be paying much more than expected.


We are certified as BASIC and ADVANCED

Inflatable Equipment Operators, and take all the necessary precautions to help avoid any accidents due to poor equipment set-up and maintenance.   We provide extra safety measures that others do not, and have invested both time and money in making sure we stay ahead of the curve in safety courses and certifications.

If you would like to view our certifications, please click here.  You will find that very few local companies have taken the time to assure your safety.


With the sole purpose of improving customer and guest safety, we ask that you agree to follow certain rules and precautions during your rental period.  To see the full list, please click here.

It is necessary to follow certain rules to minimize the inherent risk during use of any inflatable unit.  We provide as many additional safety measures as possible, but it is up to the supervising adults to enforce the rules. 

Small details such as no rough-play, same size and weight participants, and no flips are an easy way to maximize safety, and maximize the fun!


Although we may ask you many of these questions prior to confirming a reserved time or date, we ask that you read these details to be prepared on your event date.

​Many of our units are much larger than what you may be used to, therefore we must be sure that they can be delivered to your specified area.  We will ask approximate dimensions of the actual set-up area, type of surface (grass, pavement, gravel, etc.), access to the space (gate, parking, entry-way), and other specifics that many times are not thought of prior to making a reservation for an inflatable rental.  We allow our units to be set-up on many different surfaces, but please be aware that some landscaping may be damaging, and we reserve the option to refuse delivery if our delivery crewmember determines it is unsafe for our units, for you, or for your guests.

If you'd like to read our full legal contract, click Terms and Conditions.  You will have the chance to read the entire document at the time of delivery, and we ask that you sign and date the contract , but only after you are satisfied with the set-up and service you have requested.

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