Bounce Houses and Combos


Birthday Cake 5-in-1 Combo

Measures 17'L, 18'W, 17'H


If your event is a birthday party, this is the unit for you! 


 Specially designed to give more BOUNCE to the participants, this unit will offer your guests HOURS of fun!  BOUNCE!  SLIDE!  OBSTACLES!  Two Basketball Hoops! 


Watch the video here.


This unit will put the other "normal" bounce houses to shame.  GREAT for children of all ages - and even the occasional adult who feels young at heart!   



Castle 5-in-1 Combo

Measures 17'L, 18'W, 17'H


This combo is not your run-of-the-mill inflatable.  It is specially designed to give more bounce than any other unit!  Put this next to a "normal" castle bouncy, and there will be no comparison. 


Watch the video here!


BOUNCE!  SLIDE!  OBSTACLES!  TWO Basketball Hoops!  Unlike the "other" bouncy houses, which have just a square bouncing area, this unit offers HOURS of fun! GREAT for the older kids that thought they were "too mature" for bouncy houses!



Extreme Princess Combo

Measures 22'L, 15'W, 15'H


This 22' Long unit will give you everything you want! Includes everything for jumping, sliding, and climbing! 


You can add any of our Art Panels to match your theme!  TMNT Ninja Turtles, Lego Movie, Avengers Superheroes, Mickey Mouse & More!

One of the BEST Bounce Houses for Rent in AZ!  

Can be used WET* or DRY!

*$219 Wet w/ Pool


Spider-Man Combo


Measures 18'L, 20'W, 16'H


This is a HUGE  Jump House!  Includes a big slide and corner-entry to make this bouncer a super-unique rental for any spider-man party.  This inflatable is one of the best bouncers available for rent anywhere!


The 14 FOOT SLIDE is just the icing on the cake!



Tropical Combo w/ Slide!


Measures 20'L, 18'W, 13'H


We have a great alternative to the standard Tropical Themed bouncers you have seen before!  This unit has a SLIDE!  Keeps the kids entertained for hours!


It's BIG!  Measuring 20 FEET DEEP, and 18 FEET WIDE, it offers a jumping area, a climbing wall, and an enclosed slide to keep the kids safe, while shading the unit on sunnier days.


This theme is perfect to match anyone's landscape, or for a neutral theme to go with our Arizona desert!


15'x15' Club Jumps


Measures 15'L, 16'W, 15'H

We have themed jumpers available to match your children's favorite characters!   These Club Jump inflatable bouncers are a standard 15'x15' bouncy... WITH A TWIST!  


They have a corner-entry door, which allows us to set-up the bounce house as a diamond-shape, instead of the squared standard you might be used to.  The diamond-shaped setup means the artwork has more space, so you get a much BIGGER GRAPHIC and a much more IMPRESSIVE DESIGN.


Choose from a Spongebob Squarepants jump house, a Disney Princess or Little Mermaid inflatable bouncer, Finding Nemo or Dora the Explorer bounce houses.  All are available for rent to match your party's decor...and don't forget to add a Pinata to match and pull everything together!


15'x15' Module Bouncers


Measures 17'L, 15'W, 15'H

We offer a variety of 15'x15' Inflatable Bounce Houses for rent!!


Choose PINK Inflatable Bouncer, or BLUE Bounce House and add your favorite Art Panel!


Boys AND Girls can both have their way with these inflatable rentals, geared to match their favorite Characters, Movies or TV Shows!




Art Panels in better detail:


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