Inflatable Rides & Interactives


Ultimate Tropical 70' Challenge


Measures 70'L, 14'W, 18'H

This inflatable obstacle course must have eaten plenty of fruits and veggies when it was little.  It has now fully grown, and it's a MONSTER!  


We've all seen a standard bounce picture FIVE stacked next to each other, and mutated into an incredible mix of jumping, crawling, pushing, climbing and sliding!   This unit is an INCREDIBLE 70 FEET LONG!   This is the longest and hardest obstacle course we offer. 


Sure to keep every participant entertained, enjoying the challenge, and certainly out of breath when they complete the course


Tropical Challenge Obstacle (Pick 2 Pieces)


Measures (up to) 55'L, 14'W, 18'H

Our Tropical Challenge can be suited to your needs!  Select any TWO of the three units and customize your own setup!  The Climbing Wall and Slide, The Obstacles, and The Jumper are all interchangeable!


You can have up to a 57 FOOT LONG unit!


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