24' Tropical Slide  (Dry)


Measures 27'L, 16'W, 24'H


A definite attention-grabber!

24' High, Dual Sliding Lanes and a big climbing wall make this the go-to inflatable slide for your next church, school, corporate event or big party!


The lanes safely level at the bottom to keep the kids from hitting the ground...but still steep enough to get them the rush of dropping from such heights!


Check out water slides for other wet slide options!


20' Fire N Ice (Dry)


Measures 22'L, 11'W, 20'H


At 20-Fee Tall, this is a great slide for your upcoming event!  


Two sliding lanes and TWO HEIGHT CHOICES are a great alternative to most other designs.


Good for kids and adults, and the shorter slide is great for the more timid participants who want to ease their way into the big tall slides.


Check out water slides for other wet slide options!


18' Helix (Dry)


Measures 30'L, 24'W, 18'H


This unit takes the most popular 18' tall slides, and gives it a BIG TWIST!


One straight lane and a second with a HUGE turn will keep the kids going down the slide over and over again.


This setup is also an AMAZING way to get a slide rented and splash directly into your own inground pool!


Check out water slides for other wet slide options!


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